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Workshops in Estonia: 'Developing a Strategy & Creating a Suitable Business Model in China' and 'Why Do Companies Fail in China?' - 12 and 13 February 2020

On 12 and 13 February 2020 Bart Horsten was a keynote speaker at two different trainings in Estonia (one in Tallinn, one in Tartu) of a China Growth program under the Systematic Export to China course, organized by the Estonia-Asia Trade Agency. 

This Systematic Export to China training program was targeted primarily to companies which are new in doing business with China or have recently started their business in the Chinese market. Through this program, companies will benefit from the help of a China expert to move toward their goals more consciously and quickly. This training program was a preparation for a business trip to China later in 2020. The overall Systematic Export Chinese Training Program is a combination of individual counseling by international expert consultants and systematic & strategic training.

During the two training days Bart talked about the 2 following subjects: (1) Developing a strategy and creating a suitable business model in China and (2) Why do companies fail in China? 

A lot of information and practical tips were given and a lot of questions were answered, all of them illustrated by many examples. Topics discussed:

  • Defining your business model for China.
  • How to do market research?
  • Different market entry modes.
  • Sharing tips for a successful market entry.
  • How to check your business partners?
  • Strategic considerations.
  • Case studies with a lot of practical recommendations.
  • E-commerce in China.
  • How to prepare for a trade fair in China.
  • Explaining strategic mistakes.

The training days were attended by 40 participants.

If you are interested to attend one of the seminars Horsten International is participating in, please keep an eye on the following link.

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