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Cleantech@China Workshop

On the 17th of June 2019 a workshop was organized in Leuven by 4 Flemish provinces, Cleantech Flanders and Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) to introduce the flemish initiatives to support cleantech companies with their endeavours in China.

The session started with a speech by Alice Cooman, representative of the Province of Antwerp, with a short overview of the I2PCC project. She also announced the plans for the cleantech mission to China from 18 to 22 November 2019. For more information about this mission, please check the following LINK.

Then Pierre Faché of the Province of Vlaams Brabant gave a summary of the most important cleantec experiences with China. He stressed that there are a lot of opportunities for Flemish cleantech companies in China and he introduced the support which could be given by the Flemish government and government agencies.

Afterwards several workshops were organized, focusin on topics such as waste management, sustainable building, mobility, etc.

The session was concluded by a duo-presentation by Jimmy Yu and Bart Horsten. Jimmy Yu was working for Janssen Pharmaceutica when they started in China in the early eighties. Jimmy is a Belgian civil engineer, second generation Chinese, who was hired by Joos Horsten, Bart's father, to help Janssen with their China project. Jimmy told the fascinating story of Janssen's first steps in the Chinese market. Bart concluded the session by talking about China today. China is currently making a dramatic change from a manufacturing power to a global technological power, with focus on efficiency improvements, innovation and growing self-reliance in key technologies. However, China still is in need of a lot of know-how and management skills, so it's important for European companies to understand this opportunity and act fast.

More information about the Cleantech Workshop can be found HERE.

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