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Hosting a retail delegation from Belgium in Shanghai on 14 Nov.2017

On the 14th of November 2017 Bart Horsten hosted a delegation from Belgium to Shanghai. The delegation consisted of around 40 members of Unizo Buurtsuper, an organisation of independent retailers from Belgium (see for more information). During this Inspiration Tour the delegation travelled to Shanghai and Beijing, attending seminars and visiting several supermarkets.

During the presentation Bart Horsten spoke about the following topics:

  • Introduction about Horsten International and best practices of doing business in China
  • The case study of Glacio ice cream in China, Horsten's joint venture with Glacio-IJsboerke of Belgium
  • Introduction of the New Retail, O2O business and E-commerce in China.

Sieghart Michielsen, the man behind Mr.Waffle, also gave a testimonial about his experiences of doing business in China.

To conclude the morning session, the delegation visited one the new supermarkets of Alibaba: Hema Xiansheng: 盒马鲜生.

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