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  • HORSTEN (Xi’an) Innovation Co., Ltd.
    Room 5-505, Haigui Building
    Gaoxin Yi Road No. 18
    Gaoxin District, 710075 Xi’an
    Shaanxi Province, PR of China
    Tel: +86 29 8831 3779


Xi'an, located in the Northwest of China, is the capital city of the Shaanxi province. 2000 years ago it was the starting point of the Ancient Silk Road. Nowadays, Xi'an is taking on the same important role under China's Belt and Road Initiative. With its strategic position, the city is China's window to the West.

Xi'an has a rich and culturally significant history and is known worldwide for its Terracotta Army. The city uses its past of being a commerce and trade center as a roadmap for the future in order to take back its prominent place in the world. Xi'an has a critical position in the Chinese Western Development Policy, a plan to boost the development of inland cities.

Horsten International’s Chinese affiliate, called Horsten Xi’an Innovation Services Co.Ltd., was set up in 2006 and serves as the company’s main office in China. Horsten Xi’an was accredited as an official ‘Soft Landing Zone’ of the ENRICH in China programme of the EU. More information about ENRICH in China and the services provided by Horsten Xi’an can be found on

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