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Xi'an, a hidden gem in the Northwest of China

Since 2001 Horsten Xi’an Innovation Co. Ltd, the China office of Horsten International, is located in Xi’an, capital of the Shaanxi Province. As most of China followers will know, Xi’an is a famous historical city in China. It is the oldest of the four ancient capitals of China, home to 13 dynasties, the Terracotta Army, the starting point of the Silk Road and the first city in the world to reach one million people in population. Nowadays, Xi’an offers a lot of business opportunities and is one of the key cities in the Go-West policy and the Belt and Road Initiative of the Chinese government.

The Belt and Road Initiative has transformed Xi’an into a manufacturing and service hub as well as a hot spot in attracting foreign direct investment. Xi’an has increased international communication and built a modern logistics model as well as improving education to cultivate talented people and make an innovation drive to the economy.

It is clear that, with the increasing costs of living in China’s 1st tier cities, 2nd tier cities such as Xi’an become more and more interesting, both for Chinese companies as well as Western companies, both as a manufacturing base and as a potential consumer market. Although Xi’an is definitely not the only 2nd tier city in the Chinese inland with fast development, it is an important city in China’s economic future. Xi’an has re-emerged as an important cultural, industrial and educational center with facilities for research and development, national security and space exploration. It is also a center of higher education noted for its technological schools. In all, there are more than 30 universities and colleges in and around the city.

In Xi’an, the Xi’an High-Tech Industries Development Zone has been developed as a bridgehead connecting China with Belt and Road countries and regions. The Development Zone has developed rapidly since establishing Xi’an Inno Startup Wonderland and joining Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone. All new projects cover a wide range of sectors, such as biotech, cleantech, food, healthcare and pharma, smart manufacturing, technology, finance, e-commerce and social media marketing.

In the context of the ENRICH program Horsten Xi’an Innovation Services has now set up a cooperation with RocketSpace, a premier tech startup acceleration co-working space. With more than 20 years of experience in helping European SMEs doing business in China, Horsten knows how to help a business get started in China. The cooperation with RocketSpace further builds on that experience and forms a bridge between the European company and the local Xi’an business and technological community and government. This partnership can provide all kinds of services to provide a comfortable soft landing in the North West of China. Ranging from strategic advice, market research, implementation, setting up connections with the local government and even search for investment.

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